We sincerely thank all the chefs who are part of "Cuisinez Caramel" for their creativity. We also thank the staff of Nigay company for its ability to create the caramel trends of tomorrow and every person who brings wonderful skills and enthusiasm for this atypical innovation method. Thank you for your support!
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Henri Nigay

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Discover our co-brandings

The alliance between a family food company and local craftsmen who have the talent and imagination to innovate in an unconventional way!

You have not yet tried our caramels in a cola, a brioche or chocolates? You can try it locally!

The ColAdoré,
An artisanal cola created by the Brasserie Artisanale La Germanoise and Ludovic Tissier one of our R&D project manager.
Sensory profil :  A cola with a caramel taste and a beautiful golden color
Where to find them : In bottles at the Brasserie Artisanale La Germanoise in Saint-Germain-Laval and at the Intermarché in Civens

The Pépites du Forez & Caramélines,
Irresistible caramel pieces coated with chocolate created by the Bataillon chocolate factory
Sensory profil : A crunchy or melting heart version! 
Where to find them : In the Bataillon chocolate stores in Feurs

The Carabrioche,
A Brioche with caramel pieces, an original idea from the Minoterie Moderne to promote the 100% local wheat grown in the heart of the Plaine du Forez.
Sensory profil : Melting brioche with half-salt butter caramel pieces 
Where to find them : In several partner bakeries in the Loire

Montbrison : Boulangerie DgLc – David Granet magasin la Pétrie, 53 rue des legouve
Saint-Étienne : Pause Gourmande – 10 rue Pablo Picasso
Feurs : La Pétrie Forézienne – 1 Bd de l’Europe, 42110 Feurs
             Didier PERRET – 6 rue de Verdun, 42110 Feurs

The Caram’Ale,
An amber beer with fine caramelized bubbles, the result of our collaboration with L’Atelier à bières and La Brasserie Artisanale La Germanoise.
Sensory profil : A fine bitterness raised by warm, sweet and comforting notes
Where to find them : Available in draught or in bottle at the Atelier à Bières in Feurs or in bottle at the Brasserie Artisanale La Germanoise in Saint-Germain-Laval.

More surprises to come, among others, the Laiterie du Forez in Savigneux but we don’t tell you more…  Stay tuned !

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