cuisinez caramel

The “Cuisinez Caramel” Box contains 6 caramel references specially chosen by our experts for the cooking! They are packaged in squeezers and pots (caramel pieces).

Discover below the characteristics of each caramel to create new surprising associations…

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cuisinez caramel

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Useful Information

Aromatic caramels

Aromatic Caramels

They are identical to homemade caramels by the gourmet in his pan or the pastry chef in his cauldron. Control of the temperatures with high-technology cookers, rigorous quality control, warranty of constant characteristics on the finished products, are the advantages with an industrial process compare to the domestic or craft processes.

Available forms: liquids, pieces, powders

Burnt Sugars

These caramels are dark brown and produced from sugars and water only. They bring both taste and colour.

Avalaible forms: liquids and powders

Caramels spécialités

Caramel Specialities

They are tasty products made of milk, butter, cream or fruit extracts. They bring a gastronomic connotation and are made in accordance with traditional methods. For example, Nigay has developed a range of salted butter caramels like Brittany’s traditionnal caramels.

Avalaible forms: liquids, pieces, powders, pastes

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