Langoustines and potatoes marinade, milk caramel vermouth sauce, strong caramel peach balls

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “La Roseraie” located in Montbrison, in Loire.

Jean-Pierre Tholoniat

Jean-Pierre Tholoniat

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “La Roseraie” located in Montbrison, in Loire.


Preparation: 1h30

Cooking: 1h

4 servings

Which caramels are used in this recipe?

Milk caramel, strong caramel


8 Monalisa potatoes
8 langoustines

10 g carrot
10 g onions
5 g leeks
1 celery stalk

0,5 dl white wine

1 small peeled tomato
30 g yellow pepper
30 g red pepper
30 g green pepper
1 small celery stalk
50 g unpeeled zucchini
1 garlic clove
8 saffron pistils
20 cl blackcurrant vinegar
10 cl olive oil
Salt, pepper

10 g minced shallots
1 cl olive oil
3 cl vermouth
1 dl langoustines stock
1 dl liquid fresh cream
40 g milk caramel

2 peaches
1 tbsp. blackcurrant vinegar
1 tbsp. strong caramel

2 dl hot water
10 g egg white powder or 1 tbsp. soy lecithin
30 g strong caramel

20 g parsley
1 dl olive oil



Peel the tails of langoustines. Cook them quickly in very hot olive oil (5 sec). Film and put in the fridge.
Keep the carcasses for the stock and the claws for decoration. Marinate the tails in the veggie marinade.

In a saucepan, put the langoustine carcasses, the aromatic garnish, the white wine and 2 dl of water.
Season and cook for 20 minutes then filter.

Blanch the peppers and remove the skin.
Cut all the vegetables (except the garlic that must be removed after) in tiny brunoise and blanch very quickly except the tomato.
Let cool and mix with the oil, blackcurrant vinegar, saffron, garlic and season.
Put in the fridge.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into a cylinder (4.5 cm height and 3.5 cm diameter). Dig inside with a cookie cutter.
Cook the potatoes in salted water with a drop of lemon for 15 minutes from boiling point. Don’t allow it to boil and let it cool down.
Drain and brush with olive oil and reserve.

Sweat the shallot with olive oil.
Add all the other ingredients and season gently.
Reduce to the consistency of a velvety cream.

Wash the peaches and cut them with the melon spoon to make 12 peach balls.
In a saucepan, add blackcurrant vinegar and the strong caramel.
Bring to a boil and reduce lightly.
Add the peach balls, stir and remove from heat. Reserve.

Put hot water, egg white powder, strong caramel and emulsify everything in a blender.
Use the mixture on the peaches.

Mix parsley in olive oil.

Lightly brush the inside of the potatoes with caramel vermouth sauce and fill with marinade and langoustine meat.
Place all the ingredients on the plates.

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