Half-cooked foie-gras with traditional caramel center, strong caramel balls, pop-corn crust and caramel pieces

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “Le Tourdion” located in Roanne in Loire.

Sébastien Chouly

Sébastien Chouly

Sébastien Chouly

Sébastien Chouly

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “Le Tourdion” located in Roanne in Loire.


Preparation: 45 min

Cooking: 10 min

4 servings

Which caramels are used in this recipe?

Traditional caramel, caramel pieces, blond caramel, strong caramel


250 g half-cooked foie-gras
40 g traditional caramel
100 g popcorn
100 g caramel pieces
A few grains of salt flowers for the crisp and iodized taste
5 cl balsamic caramel (reduce balsamic vinegar with blond caramel until you get a thick syrup)
1 corn cob

12.5 cl water
30 g sugar
15 g glucose
1.5 cl white balsamic

150 g strong caramel
15 cl water
10 cl water
2 g Algin (natural product with extracts of brown algae)
500 g water (cl)
2.5 g Calcic calcium salt


Make a syrup with water, sugar and glucose. Let cool and add the white balsamic vinegar. Let cool in an ice cream maker until it is solidified. Reserve the preparation in the freezer.

Take the foie-gras out at room temperature and shape it into a cookie cutter of your choice. Cut the foie-gras a little higher than half.
Then dig it and pour in some traditional caramel. Close with the top of foie-gras and keep it cool for at least 24 hours.
Mix the popcorn roughly and the caramel pieces, mix them and keep the mixture. Collect the corn cob silks and let them fry.
Salt them and keep them.

Mix water, Algin and strong caramel, the Calcic and then the water again.
Make caramel balls using a syringe or pipette.

Take a piece of foie-gras then roll it into the mixture of caramel pieces and popcorn.
Place on the top of the strong caramel balls.
Place it on the plate.
Fill a small glass with corn kernels, corn silks and then finish with the balsamic sorbet lollipop and place it on the plate.
Decorate with a few drops of balsamic caramel.

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