The Cuisinez Caramel book

Cuisinez caramel - 2015 edition

Caramel, cooking & innovation

The book Cuisinez Caramel allows a co-innovation between the expert in caramels and chefs. The caramel is a complex ingredient that brings color and plays a role of flavor enhancer with both sweet notes, blond, or more aromatic notes very toasted. Traditionally used in puddings, dessert creams, ice creams and other sweet products, it is also used in Asian cook: caramel pork or caramel shrimps, lacquered duck…

The Book

The idea of “Cuisinez Caramel” is to explore extensively the use of caramel in unconventional uses. Thanks to a great partnership between the Nigay company and L’Association des Cuisiniers de la Loire, the book “Cuisinez Caramel” prefaced by Pierre TROISGROS published in 2015 following the first edition of the contest Cuisinez Caramel.

The company Nigay gave “carte blanche” to the chefs to offer a salty or sweet recipe using one of his caramels. The combination of their creativity and Nigay’s expertise in caramel has resulted in original recipes with surprising flavors. This book aims to discover the leaders of the Loire and their restaurants.

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