Crispy Breton lobster roasted with salted butter caramel and lobster ice cream and caramel pieces

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “Loic Picamal” located in Violay, in Loire.

Loic Picamal

Loic Picamal

A recipe proposed by the chef of the restaurant “Loic Picamal” located in Violay, in Loire.


Preparation: 30 min

Cooking: 10 min

6 servings

Which caramels are used in this recipe?

Salted butter caramel, caramel pieces


2 Breton lobsters
2 endives
150 g mange-tout
2 oranges
40 g salted butter caramel

100 g orange juice
50 g butter
50 g white sauce base

45 g hazelnut oil
250 g flour
5 eggs
3 egg whites
70 g brown butter
10 g salt

Lobster head
2 onions
1 bulb of garlic
50 g tomato concentrate
50 cl cognac
100 cl white wine

½ l reduce american
350 g milk
150 g cream
9 egg yolks
50 g glucose or sugar
50 g caramel pieces


With the interiors of heads, realize an American sauce. Sauté the lobster heads and add the tomato concentrate and flambé with the cognac. Moisten with white wine and reduce. Wet to the water level and put the filling. Cook for about 30 min.
Cook the lobsters for 8 minutes in boiling water and let them cool. Shell them.

Make the mixture for crisp and mix all the ingredients.
Let it rest for 24 hours. Then spread the mixture with a stencil on a nonstick plate and bake at 190°C (th.6-7) for 5 min.

With endives and mange-tout, make a julienne, then brown them with butter. At the end of cooking, add 20 g of salted butter caramel.

Cut slices of oranges and fry them with 10 g salted butter caramel.

For ice cream, boil milk, cream and American sauce.
Clarify the eggs and whiten the yolks with glucose or sugar. Pour the mixture of milk, cream and american sauce on the eggs. Let heat at 85°C. Reserve for 24h in the fridge. Add the caramel pieces and place in the turbine.

Make orange butter. Reduce the orange juice in half and then put it in butter.

Dilute the lobster with the butter and add the salted butter caramel. Then present the dish.

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